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aspen leaf Mensa is an international society in which the sole requirement for membership is a score at or above the 98th percentile on an approved IQ test.

Colorado local Mensas:
High Mountain Mensa
Denver Mensa
Boulder Mensa
Plains and Peaks Mensa

United States Mensa:
American Mensa

Worldwide Mensa:
International Mensa

Contact High Mountain Mensa's Officers.

LocSec: Gary Preslan

DepLocSec: Barry Barak

Treasurer: Barry Barak

Mensa Foundation
Scholarship Chair Jordan Pekevski
Assistant Chair: Sue Hughey

Gifted Children's Coordinator: (vacant)

Ombudsman: Dennis McKim

Testing Coordinator: Bonnie Horn Koehler

Proctors: Bonnie Horn Koehler, Jordan Pekevski

Newsletter Composition Editor: Dennis Lenahan

Newsletter Production Editor: (vacant)

Web Contact/Webmaster: Sandra Gray

Region 7 Vice-Chair: Bethane Demeter

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American Mensa's national office.

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