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aspen leaf Mensa is an international society in which the sole requirement for membership is a score at or above the 98th percentile on an approved IQ test.

Colorado local Mensas:
High Mountain Mensa
Denver Mensa
Boulder Mensa
Plains and Peaks Mensa

United States Mensa:
American Mensa

Worldwide Mensa:
International Mensa

Mensa Newsletters.

HMMmm, the Newsletter of High Mountain Mensa.

High Mountain Mensa has uploaded its local newsletters to the Internet every year since the year 2000.

Each year's complete HMMmm issues are available from the links at the right. A window will come up, asking for your American Mensa login. Successful login will take you to a newsletter web page for that year.

The newsletters from 2003 until the present are all complete pdf issues, with layouts identical to the printed issues, with the added bonus that all pages will have full color, as the editor had intended.

Newsletters prior to 2003 are text only, with each year's newsletters in html format on a single scrolling web page.

For reprint requests, please contact our newsletter editor or the individual writers within the publications.

Mensa does not hold any opinion or have, or express, any political or religious views. Opinions in the newsletter are those held by the individual newsletter contributors, not by High Mountain Mensa.

More Mensa Newsletters.

Newsletters from other local groups within American Mensa are available at the American Mensa website.