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Gifted Children.

Is your child gifted? Do you feel that your child's school or your homeschooling program is not doing enough for your child?
All Mensans were (or are) gifted children. We understand how you feel because we've been there. We hope that the resource links on this page will be helpful.
Often, it helps if a child knows other gifted children. Children and teens may apply for membership in American Mensa through prior testing. Also, teens who are 14 years old and above may take the Mensa Admission Test. More information on the admission process is here.

High Mountain Mensa's Gifted Children Coordinator is Peggy Madsen, homeschooling mother of three children. Articles by Peggy include:

Topic: early learning. From HMMmm, the newsletter of High Mountain Mensa, March 1997 issue. "Increasing Your Baby's Intelligence"
© 2009 Peggy Madsen. This series of articles won the American Mensa national Publications Recognition Program Award for the best article series in a local Mensa newsletter. The articles are excerpts from Peggy Madsen's book on early learning.

Topic: early college. From the Mensa Bulletin, July 2002 issue: "Credentials: Mainstreaming the Highly Gifted"
© 2009 Peggy Madsen. This article discusses early college options available to public school and home schooled students.

Reprints of both articles above are available from the author.

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